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KL Deemed to be University, in collaboration with Celonis, a global leader in execution management, signed a MoU on 5th Jan 2023 at KLH GBS campus. Celonis is the global leader in execution management. They have a global presence with headquarters in Munich. 

To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, Celonis provides tools and approaches for process mining. They launched the Celonis Academic Alliance in partnership with the world’s leading universities, colleges, and schools to empower and encourage the Process Miners of tomorrow to share in learning and experiencing the power of process-oriented data science across the globe.

What is process mining?

Process mining is the combined use of process science and data science. In short, it uses data science and analytics tools and methods to simplify process modeling. It can find the exact locus of pain areas and help provide optimization using data science. “They x-ray processes and find inefficiencies.”

Their goal was to empower and inspire the Process Miners of the future to share in learning and experiencing the power of process-oriented data science throughout the globe by establishing the Celonis Academic Alliance in collaboration with the top universities, colleges, and schools in the world.

Through the partnership, students will have free access to Celonis technology for educational purposes, classroom work, online certifications, thesis support, and guest lecturers. Access to free software licenses, online training for academics and students, and research scholars are included. Additionally, access to the Learning Management System (LMS), multi-levels of free certificates, digital badges in association with Credly, and other resources, including initiatives like train the trainer.

In the presence of Dr. L Koteshwara Rao, Principal Engineering, Dr. Vani, and other staff and students, the agreement was exchanged by Mr. Manjunath Chandrashekar, Senior Academic Alliance Manager, APAC, Celonis, SE, and Dr. A RamaKrishana, Director, KLH Global Business School, Hyderabad.

What are the 4 levels of certifications?

Level 1- Introduction to process mining (1 hour)

Level 2- Process mining fundamentals (9 hours)

Level 3- Rising Star (19-24 hours)

Level 4- Consultant (open only on completion of either track of Level 3)

** There are no eligibility criteria for any of the certifications but Level 1, 2 and business track of Level 3 are better suited for BBA/MBA students.

What are the different tracks of Level 3 certification?

  • Business- 19 hours
  • Technical- 23.5 hours
  • Automation- 19 hours
  • Research- 20 hours