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Hobby Clubs

KL Hobby Clubs

To inspire students to pursue a hobby and explore their potential in areas like: music, singing, dancing, acting, speaking, painting, fashion designing, social/community service, photography, painting, gardening, star gazing, trekking, etc. KLH GBS established hobby clubs for students to pursue their interests in various extracurricular activities as part and parcel of their academics.

Joining an activity club or pursuing a hobby helps you discover your interests and determine what you are interested in or what your strengths are.

The Hobby Clubs are designed to suit students’ timings without hindrance to academic work and indirectly help them perform well overall. Students actively participate in different events to develop team spirit and achieve laurels and prizes for themselves and the university. Hobby clubs have exclusive trainers apart from the latest and advanced instruments and facilities. Students also play an active part in organizing the annual festivals conducted by the Business School.

More than relaxation and recreation, it has been observed that students are developing their personalities to perform better during placements and in life in general. Being part of the hobby clubs will also become part of campus life memories even after college.