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T Sai Prasanth

At the KLH-GBS, future administrators and entrepreneurs are given a holistic view of the BBA and MBA courses. They provide a complete picture of the business environment. Courses are designed to match the requirements of many multinational companies. The syllabus is constantly updated to provide students with up-to-date content. 

Infrastructure plays a vital role in displaying the capability of a university regarding its power to adapt to the dynamic world. KLH GBS is designed in a way that complements the courses that are offered on campus. The lecture halls offer a seating capacity of up to 60 members. The classrooms are designed to be very student and faculty friendly. They are equipped with digital boards and centralized air conditioning systems. Digital boards replace traditional blackboards and act as a streamlined and integrated solution for teaching young entrepreneurs and future administrators. Modernized classrooms facilitate teaching with advanced tools and techniques.

Sports are also given equal importance at the KLH-GBS. A dedicated sports room is provided to the students for indoor games such as table tennis, chess, and carroms, and facilities are also provided for outdoor games such as badminton.

T. Sai Prasanth, II-BBA , 2110560085